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Frequently Asked Questions

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FAQ about the STINGER®

  • How can I buy The STINGER®

    You can purchase the STINGER® immediately by clicking HERE.

    You may also use the CONTACT US form and someone will respond to your inquiry as quickly as possible.

  • Is the STINGER® safe for use on Energized Equipment?

    YES! The STINGER® and 1FR™ Penetrating Fluid were designed to be used on energized switches and neither will not conduct electricity between phases or to ground. The STINGER® is constructed of a dielectric resin plastic material rated 221 kV/in (ASTM D-149) and has been Hi-Pot Tested to 250 kV. Independent Customer Testing certified the STINGER® as passing ASTM F7-12 standard for plastic insulated line equipment. The STINGER® attaches to a universal toothed hot stick attachment and uses radio control remote to actuate and dispense fluids, further protecting a user from any potential current path, provided the hot stick is in serviceable condition.

  • Can I use my own Aerosol Cans in the STINGER® ?

    The STINGER®  is designed with a proprietary threaded connection that will only accept matching threaded aerosol style cans packaged by FirstPower Group LLC. This design insures that a flammable material cannot be accidentaly loaded into the STINGER®  and create a dangerous flash-over. Currently available are non-conductive, non-flammable, CO2 propelled 1FR™ Penetrating Fluid and non-flammable 3PAO™ Lubricating Oil. We are working on producing other options based on customer feedback and request, such as a de-icer and wasp spray. If you have a material that you wish to investigate using in the STINGER® , please CONTACT US or talk with your Sales Representative.

  • Does the STINGER® need to be tested like a Hot Stick?

    No. Provided regular Hot Stick Certification Testing is performed regularly, and the Hot Stick is in serviceable condition, your STINGER® needs no annual testing. Insure continued reliability by keeping the surface of the STINGER® clean and free of fluid or other residue. A wipe down following work with a soft cloth and a gentle, non-solvent cleaner will insure many years of safe service.

  • How many Devices can be connected to the GoPro® Camera?

    The included detacheable GoPro® camera may be paired with an many devices as you wish; there is no limit. However, it may only be connected to one device at a time.

  • Is Training available for the STINGER®?

    You will find Owners Manual documentation and an introductory video on the STINGER® HERE.

    FirstPower will soon be releaseing a video series of educational content geared toward understanding, using and best practices for the STINGER® and STINGER® Fluids.

    If you are a STINGER® Owner and wish to discuss training for employees, please CONTACT US or reach out to your Sales Representative for discussion.

FAQ about STINGER® Aerosol Fluids

  • How can I buy STINGER® Fluids?

    You may purchase 1FR Penetrating Fluid immediately by clicking HERE.

    You may purchase 3PAO™ Lubricant Oil immediately by clicking HERE.

    For Bulk Orders please CONTACT US and we will respond to your inquiry as quickly as possible.

  • Are STINGER® Fluids dangerous for Humans or Animals?

    STINGER® Fluids are not harmful humans or animals in cases of incidental or limited external dermal exposure. Do not take internally, avoid breathing excessive vapors and wear protective eyewear to keep fluids out of eyes. May be rinsed and removed with clean water if significant exposure occurs. For more information, see individual Fluid SDS's HERE.

  • How do I get an SDS for STINGER® Fluids?

    You may download SDS and Products Sheets for all STINGER® Fluids HERE.

  • Is 1FR Penetrating Fluid packaged for use other than the STINGER®?

    1FR Penetrating Fluid is available in a 4-oz Squeeze Bottle with extended tip applicator for use in hand application maintenance activities and will soon be available in Gallon size bulk containers. Please CONTACT US if  you wish to purchase either of these additional options.