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By Jason Wills, Published 04/17/2019

Following three years of real-world field testing and use by electric utilities, FirstPower is proud to introduce the Stinger® System!

The Stinger® System is engineered to improve electric utility disconnect switching productivity. Switching productivity is achieved when a switch can be opened without breaking as a reasonable force is applied. Some call this “same day switching.” The Stinger® is not only safe, but highly effective for opening switches without down time.

The Stinger® System is comprised of the Stinger® tool and 1FR™ Penetrating Fluid. Stinger® fluid cans have a proprietary thread that attaches only to the Stinger® tool.

An electric utility conducted independent ergonomics testing of the Stinger® System. Results of the testing shows that pre-treating a switch using the Stinger® and 1FR™ Penetrating Fluid will:

  • Reduce the amount of force required to open a switch by 50%
  • Reduce peak muscle exertion of workers by over 50%

The Stinger® tool is constructed of durable dielectric plastic, which passes ASTM F7-12 standard for plastic line guard equipment. It has no exposed conductive or metal parts, preventing flashovers from the switch to the tool. The Stinger® tool features remote, “no-rope” operation. With no rope to get dirty or wet, the Stinger® tool is safer to use than other alternatives. The Stinger™ attaches to most hot sticks with a universal connector. The Stinger® is designed to accept only Stinger® Fluid cans. This prevents the use of unapproved materials which can be hazardous to both equipment and workers.

1FR™ Penetrating Fluid is designed specifically to remove corrosion, rust and old dielectric grease from switch parts. 1FR™ uses CO2 as a propellent, is non-conductive, non-flammable and arc-quenching. 1FR™ Penetrating Fluid works to dissolve and remove hardened corrosion, rust and worn out dried grease deposits which inhibit switch movement. Extensive field testing by electric utilities proves that full switch operation may be achieved in as little as 30-minutes, when pre-treating switch parts.

Improve switching productivity, reduce equipment damage and worker injury. Operate disconnect switches when needed with no delays! The Stinger® System from FirstPower is the answer!



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