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By Jason Wills, Published 04/19/2019

Join FirstPower at the AMP Technical Services Conference Expo

Tuesday, April 23, 2019 • Quest Conference Center, Columbus, OH

The AMP Technical Services Conference is an excellent opportunity to gain insight into FirstPower's product and service options for utility operations. We look forward to meeting with you, discussing top of mind industry topics and the ways that FirstPower can support and assist in increasing utility operations effectiveness.

Dave Smithberger, FirstPower Regional Operations Manager

Visit with Dave Smithberger, Regional Operations Manager for FirstPower Group LLC and SF6 Gas Management Expert!

Dave Smithberger is an electric power industry veteran with an extensive history of utility operations management and administration of EPA compliance programs for Allegheny Power and FirstEnergy, Corp. Dave regularly consults with the Electric Power Research Institute (EPRI) and has been instrumental in advancing many research projects. His history of industry experience brings understanding of effective methods and techniques for electric utility substation maintenance operations and EPA compliance.

Contact Dave:

Keep crititcal SF6 gas insulated assets operational with the Watchman SF6 Auto Fill™!
Portable and easy to install, the Watchman SF6 Auto Fill™ keeps SF6 gas at the proper level without taking the system out of service or using potentially dangerous "live fill" techniques. Prevent nuisance alarms, costly downtimes and repetitive, expensive service calls due to loss of dielectric insulation.

• Precisely identify leak rates
• Automatically adds SF6 gas to maintain proper density
• Reduces gas loss over time
• Portable and easy to install
• Provides gas loss data for EPA regulatory compliance
• Prevents nuisance alarms, costly downtime and expensive service calls

Increase disconnect switching productivity with the Stinger® System! 
Pretreating switches with the Stinger® and 1FR™ Penetrating Fluid will reduce equipment damage, reduce employee injury and help to prevent accidents.

• Reduces force required to open a switch by 50%
• Reduces switch damage
• Reduces technician peak muscle exertion by over 50%
• Reduces lost employee time due to injury
• Dielectric plastic construction eliminates flash over accidents
• Remote operation increases safety