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Published 09/09/2019

FirstPower Group LLC has developed a strong industry reputation for providing much-needed solutions for electric utility companies across the country. Since 1979, FirstPower has been addressing efficiency and productivity issues, resulting in significant improvements for existing equipment and a drastic reduction in the number of problems that often lead to job delays and costly repairs. 

When the company's Founder and President, Jack Harley, started the company, his goal was to provide electrical substation products, services and improvements to help push the industry forward. Today, FirstPower Group LLC continues to develop solutions that facilitate cost-effectiveness, efficiency and waste reduction for electric utility companies everywhere. 

Why Is Circuit Breaker Lubrication Important?

Through extensive knowledge and first-hand experience, Harley has discovered that circuit breaker failure, which often occurs with older circuit breakers, can be caused by their overall condition, the lubricants used on them and the method of lubricant application. Harley will talk in-depth about his findings during the 2019 Doble Circuit Breaker Seminar October 14-18 in Atlanta, Georgia. However, this is not his first appearance. He’s become a regular at the seminar and enjoys discussing recent advances in electrical substation equipment lubrication. 

When asked in a recent interview with T&D World why his findings were so important to the industry, Harley had this to say:

Utilities today are facing considerable pressure to increase reliability in spite of aging systems as well as reducing costs to be competitive. The maintenance products and technologies we have developed help utilities to increase productivity and extend their equipment's effective life at a lower cost than traditionally expended. For example, we have invented the Lube-by-Number Kit that enables standardization of lubricants used during maintenance and gained knowledge of how to select greases for specific maintenance situations and how to lubricate many circuit breaker mechanisms without requiring extensive disassembly.

What Else Can You Learn at the Seminar?

In addition to participating in Harley’s educational circuit breaker lubrication session at the seminar, attendees will have the chance to:

  • Review testing, techniques and case studies: Testing, results analysis with case studies, special testing, maintenance and repair, SF6 topics and more.
  • Tour Two Factories: Qualified seminar attendees have the opportunity to visit both the Southern States and Hitachi T&D Solutions, Inc. factories.
  • Get a full-day of hands-on training with the nation’s leading circuit breaker manufacturers, including product demonstration and equipment training in small group sessions.
  • Meet the vendors of interest – have questions answered, troubleshoot problems and collaborate to improve performance.
  • Earn professional development credits from an accredited provider.

If you would like to attend Doble’s 2019 Circuit Breaker Seminar in Atlanta, October 14-18, you can register here.