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Improve Switching Productivity
Eliminate extended or unexpected outages and lost time
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Reduce Equipment Damage
50% reduction in force required to open or close a switch
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Simple Ergonomic Operation
Wireless button style remote attaches to hot stick 
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Safe for Energized Switches
Dielectric plastic housing with no exposed conductive parts
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Increase Switching Productivity!

Independent Customer Testing shows pre-treating disconnect switches with 1FR™ Penetrating Fluid results in 50% less force exerted on equipment and 40% less physical impact on technicians. 1FR™ chelates and removes corrosion buildup in switch parts increasing the reliability of switching operations. Constructed of dielectric plastic with no exposed conductive parts the STINGER® safely delivers 1FR™ Penetrating Fluid to energized Hook, Gang and Motor Operated disconnect switches. Customer Testing certified the STINGER® as passing ASTM F7-12 standard for plastic insulated line equipment. The STINGER® is packaged in a MIL-STD heavy-duty case with everything needed to treat disconnect switches including Universal Hot Stick Attachment, radio control remote Transmitter and detacheable GoPro® camera to observe the work area. 

Recent Reviews

          5 of 5 stars
The STINGER® Work Methods & Practices, Substations, Pacific Gas & Electric
by Jim P.

Have used the Stinger on many switching operations. It makes switching easier for the guys and has reduced lost time due to unexpected delays.

          5 of 5 stars
The STINGER® Manager of Electric Support Services, Fayetteville Public Works Commission, Fayetteville, NC
by Joe V.

Lubricating hook switches in a 25kV yard, the Camera makes it easy to hit your target